TruFit Solution

What is TruFit®?

The TruFit® Eco-Fix Solution is for denture wearers and people with bad teeth that want a new life. Those of you who are denture wearers know intimately how restricted you are due to being forced to wear loose, irritating plates in order to be accepted in society. Not to mention the discomfort and frustration of not being able to enjoy the foods you love with the people you love. Thanks to a revolutionary design developed by Dr. Raul Mena of Quantum Implants there is a solution that can give you back what you are missing without adding other serious challenges to your life.

TruFit Breakthrough
Conventional dentures and the implant supported overdentures mentioned above both have one big problem. The are bulky! The TruFit Solution changes all that! Because the teeth are held in place entirely by the implants there is no need for thick, long flanges on the denture! You get the stability and size of the “All on Four” but you can take it out yourself!

Previous Alternatives
Replacing most or all of your teeth with conventional dental implants is prohibitively expensive for most people and so over the past decade or so an alternative solution has been developed and promoted that replaces a mouth of teeth on many fewer implants. This treatment is advertised by various names such as “Teeth in a Day”, “All on Four”, “All on Six”, “Teeth in an Hour” and others.

This treatment entails removing the teeth, placing the implants and screwing an arch of false teeth onto them. While this treatment is popular and successful, for many people it is not without significant problems as well. High on that list is, ironically, what draws many people to the treatment in the first place, namely the fact that you can’t take the teeth out! Remember this is not individual teeth that you can floss like the ones God gave us, it is a horseshoe that sits up against your gums 24 hours a day!

Why Choose TruFit
In a study published in Clinical Oral Implant Research in 2003 ( Heydecke et. al 14:125-130) a group of patients with no upper teeth were given implants and then both a removable denture that snapped onto the implants and a fixed denture that was screwed on. They wore one for two months then wore the other for the same amount of time. Psychometric measurements of general satisfaction as well as comfort, ability to speak, stability, aesthetics, ease of cleaning and occlusion were obtained. 70 percent of the people in the study preferred the removable option. Patients also rated their ability to speak and ease of cleaning to be significantly better with the removable overdentures. 
TruFit can be taken out and cleaned at home!

Dr. Elliott 
Dr. Elliott is a specialist in implant dentistry. In practice, for 37 years he has been providing implant services since 1989. A 1980 graduate of the U.T. Houston Dental School he completed a three-year residency program in implant dentistry at Loma Linda School of Dentistry in 2000. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry and an Honored Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He is also the Course Director of TexMAX®, an AAID sponsored MaxiCourse® that is the largest, most comprehensive implant training program for general dentists in Texas.

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