Partial Dentures In Houston, TX Made By A Denture Expert


Partial Dentures Without Wires

Many people wear partial dentures with wire metal claps. They may not be aware that there are new partial dentures available that do not have the clasps.

Clasp-Free Partial Dentures

Alternatives to conventional partials are the Clasp Free Partial Dentures. Clasp Free Partial Dentures snap in rather than "clasp” in with ugly wires. Patients agree that the Clasp Free Partial Dentures partial attachments are very comfortable. These partials are also more stable and have a more appealing look.

If you are wearing a clasped partial attachment that does not do your appearance justice because of the ugly wires on each side, Clasp Free Partial Dentures are the latest to improve your smile.

Indeed, many people are reluctant to wear traditional partials because of how they look to others. But thanks to relatively new technology and design, you can now wear a partial attachment in complete comfort and nobody will know.

Many years of partial attachment design and development have lead to Clasp Free Partial Dentures, which combines the accuracy and strength of space-age metals with highly advanced design principles. Because Clasp Free Partial Dentures snap in rather than "clasp” in with ugly wires, your friends only see the natural appearance of your wire-free partial attachment when you smile.

Several factors come into play when designing a comfortable denture: loss of ridges, soft and unhealthy tissues, bone spicules, muscle activity in the floor of the mouth and one’s ability to adapt. No two people will respond the same to a particular type of partial denture. So it is safe to say that the more information we know about a patient the better we are able to determine a proper partial denture for them.

Custom Designed To Look Like Your Own Teeth

Partial dentures are not something you have to fear. In fact, they can complement and enhance your looks. There are certain features that are specifically "feminine” and "masculine.” For example, partial dentures for women have a more delicate, softer, rounded look, while partials for men are usually larger and more rugged and square. To make dentures that fit your face naturally we look at your age, physical appearance – especially skin tone and color – as well as the look you want to achieve.

You may want to consider partial dentures from Dr. Elliott because of their quality and beauty. Dr. Elliott concentrates on making partial dentures that use natural teeth as models and on finding the optimum shade and coloring to suit you and your appearance.

"The most satisfying aspect of my job is the fact that my patients actually wear the partial dentures we make for them," says Dr. Elliott. "You know how it is when you’re shopping for clothes, no matter how much you like a garment, if it doesn't fit correctly, you won’t wear it. We like to make sure that the partials we make are worn."

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