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Dentures In Houston Will Be Changed Forever With Our Breakthrough Technique

When was the last time you could really enjoy a meal? Are you happy with the size, color, shape and position of your teeth? Do your dentures fill out your face and support your lips properly? Can you speak clearly?

Jay Elliott, D.D.S. is pleased to announce the incorporation of Portrait Dentures into his practice. As one of a select number of dental practices to offer this breakthrough denture technique, Dr. Elliott can now create a Portrait Denture with a precise fit, in just a few appointments.

Our Premium Dentures Are Custom Made For Each Individual Patient

Traditional dentures can take as many as five or more appointments and still not have the patient advantages found with Portrait Dentures. The process starts with one convenient record taking appointment to capture the patient's exact features. The information is then sent to the high-tech lab, where it is imputed into a computer, digitally designed and precision milled.

"We've been working with denture patients for over 30 years," says Dr. Elliott. "We are constantly improving our dentures to increase patient confidence, comfort and satisfaction. Our new Portrait Dentures are the biggest advancement we've ever seen. It will change the denture world forever! They can improve your life, in terms of both appearance and function."

In addition to the precision fit and two-appointment convenience, Portrait Dentures are more bacteria resistant than traditionally fabricated dentures - to help eliminate sore spots and "denture breath." 

"With these dentures our patients can regain their youthful smile with the natural look and feel they may have thought they had lost forever," said Dr. Elliott. "We tell our patients that they can have a smile that is virtually you!"

Custom Dentures Help Regain Confidence

Only Portrait Dentures let you regain your youthful smile with the natural look and feel in just two visits! This breakthrough offers you...

  • Exceptional Fit. Dr. Elliott takes your digital records and creates your virtual denture right on the computer for extreme accuracy and fit.
  • Reduced Appointments. Dr. Elliott can cut your time in the dentist chair by more than half!
  • More Bio-Hygienic. Our unique process helps to eliminate sore spots and "denture breath."

Dentures made using this technique are designed to provide better chewing and biting than normal dentures - ensuring stability, optimum chewing efficiency, and comfort. This means that denture wearers no longer need to shortchange themselves nutritionally and mealtime can once again be enjoyable.

Dr. Elliott insists on using only the finest materials in crafting a denture. He has a thorough understanding of the subtle nuances that make up a quality-fitting denture. This helps guide the technicians at a special lab site in recreating a patient’s smile line. A denture that is just the right size and shape will be used more often and may even provide better nutrition because a patient can eat more of the foods they should eat, such as protein-rich steak or crunchy, vitamin-packed carrots and corn-on-the-cob.

Commonly Asked Denture Questions

Are all dentures made the same?

Actually, no. There are several common techniques and levels of quality applied to the construction of dentures. We now actually use a more precise method called the PORTRAIT DENTURE TECHNIQUE.

How does your denture technique work?

Using breakthrough technology a virtual denture is created. Our digital controls allow for functional and aesthetic adjustments never before possible. Our proprietary software automatically creates the optimal set-up. This results in the perfect blueprint for the final denture.

Will this work for me?

Many factors are involved in the crafting of successful dentures. Portrait Dentures look and feel natural. Portrait Dentures fit the gums precisely. The bite is flawless.

How long will this take?

This technique only takes two visits and the results are absolutely worth it. In the case of dentures, quality time means quality comfort and a natural appearance.

Are they affordable dentures?

Best of all, they are as affordable as our premium dentures. We have many programs available to help you finance the necessary work. Once approved, you simply make low monthly payments.


What's Your Denture Score?

Are you experiencing difficulties with your dentures or partial dentures? Do you feel self-conscious by the way they look? Is there really any difference from one denture to another? Your answers to this quiz can determine that!

Are Your Dentures?

  • Loose?
  • Cracked, worn?
  • Over five years old?

Is Your Denture?

  • Floating?
  • Clicking?
  • Requiring lots of paste?

Are Your Gums?

  • Always sore?
  • Flat?
  • Difficult to fit?

If you checked any of the above, you should call New Teeth Dental Solutions today. We custom fit each denture to your personality. Yes, there is a difference when it comes to your denture teeth. Your initial consultation is free!