What Are The Advantages Of Dental Implants Compared To Bridges?
By New Teeth Dental Solutions
October 11, 2016
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There are several different ways to remedy missing teeth, including bridges and dental implants. The dental specialists at Houston’s trusted implant dentistry clinic, New Teeth Dental Solutions, discuss the difference between the two methods.

“For many people, having an incomplete smile may damage one’s self-esteem in addition to causing systemic oral health problems. Without tooth replacement, the remaining teeth have room to shift and adjust, which can cause a gradual deterioration of the jawbone,” says Jay Elliott, D.D.S.

One of the most common ways of tooth replacement is by incorporating bridges. A bridge is composed of one or more artificial teeth that are placed on the space left by the lost ones. The bridge is anchored and fixed to adjacent teeth for support. While this method is a widely used alternative, it also has several downsides. For instance, there is a higher risk of plaque accumulation and tooth decay, and the adjacent teeth on which the bridge is anchored can deteriorate over time.

Another method of tooth replacement is through dental implants. Rather than anchoring an artificial tooth to your natural teeth, an artificial root is surgically implanted into the gums instead, which is allowed to bond with the jawbone. Made of titanium and shaped like a screw, this artificial root acts like a real tooth root. The artificial tooth is then attached to the implant. Not only is it very stable, giving patients optimum chewing ability, it also makes the replacement tooth feel real. And because it is not attached to the adjacent teeth, one can brush and floss as they would do if they have their original teeth.