Sedation Dentistry Helps Fearful Patients Who May Have Been Neglecting Oral Health

A trip to the dentist isn’t always the most enjoyable of activities, especially for those who are fearful when they settle into the chair, and the visit begins.

The professionals at New Teeth Dental Solutions understand that, and to take the fear out of the dentist’s office, they offer sedation dentistry services.

It’s not unusual for individuals who have issues with what goes on in a dentist’s office to put off seeing the dentist – and as a result, their regular cleanings and dental care never happen. When these individuals do go to the dentist, this could make dental issues worse than they have to be. Sedation dentistry is one option to make these visits less traumatic for the patient.

Throughout the dental procedure and the sedation period, personnel at New Teeth Dental Solutions monitor the sedated individual, so there’s no risk of problems that could occur if the patient were left alone to recover.

Many patients, who undergo sedation dentistry, whether through intravenous sedation or oral sedation, have little to no memory of the experience. Often, the recovery period for these patients is quick, and they can return to work the next day with confidence that their dental issues have been addressed.

New Teeth Dental Solutions provides a variety of dental solutions, from general and sedation dentistry to gum therapy and dental implants.

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