Permanent Dentures Restore Functionality And Appeal To Your Smile
By New Teeth Dental Solutions
October 11, 2016
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Cosmetic dentists and orthodontists have attained some truly breathtaking results in recent years. As technology improves and procedures become more refined, they have been able to grow their services to the point of reconstructing a perfect set of healthy functional teeth, sometimes from scratch. Most of this advancement has come from the strength of dental implants and the scope of its restorative ability.

Dental implants have changed the game for dental procedures. Dentists have stretched their skills to accommodate this new trend, and have created some truly amazing procedures as a result. Such a procedure is the permanent denture, a method for returning a smile to full brilliance and complete functionality.

The Procedure

Dental implant surgery has a high rate of success. Dental implant procedures are heavily reliant on the condition of the jawbone beneath the teeth, thus patients with periodontal disease aren’t usually the best candidates. Consultation with a dentist will give you a little more insight into how ready you may be for the procedure.

Basically, a small hole is gently drilled into the jawbone with controlled speed and pressure. A titanium base is fitted into the hole and the bone will actually heal around it. A prosthetic tooth is fitted to the top of the titanium screw, for a fully functional, durable dental implant.

Permanent Dentures

What this means for patients that are held down by upkeep of removable dentures is total freedom to recreate a smile without the adhesives, cleaning and discomfort that comes with traditional dentures. Whether you want a full set or just the replacement of one or two lost teeth, a permanent denture is going to offer you the long term solution with restored function that you’ve been pining for.

The Benefits

One of the clear benefits of permanent dentures is the aesthetic. Your smile is recreated, even and bright. The patient simply upkeeps the denture as they would any tooth, with brushing and flossing regularly. However, the permanent denture has huge ramifications for improving the nutrition and health of a patient.

Traditional dentures are brittle, uncomfortable and nearly useless for eating purposes. A patient’s diet is usually comprised of only specific edible foods, lacking some of the key nutritional aspects for healthy human function. The full usability of the permanent denture enables patients to enjoy all of the foods that they did when their smile was healthy, including harder fruits, meats and more!