New Solution For Dental Implant Candidates Previously Denied
By New Teeth Dental Solutions
October 11, 2016
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Many people have been told they can’t have dental implants because they don’t have enough bone. However, thanks to increasingly modern technology, there are a variety of ways we can now create an ideal environment for dental implants.

“Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. This results in an improved appearance and the ability to chew much better,” states Jay Elliott, D.D.S.

• Be able to smile and know people like your smile

• Kiss without worrying if your denture will come loose

• Speak with confidence

• Eat what you want without pain or embarrassment

• Eat without having to get up from the table and go to the bathroom to rinse your removable teeth

• Restore your self-esteem, independence and quality of life

New Teeth Dental Solutions use state-of-the-art techniques to treat their patients. Every aspect of your treatment, from diagnosis of a dental problem to its final restoration through surgical correction can be accomplished in their office.

Dental implants have become the treatment of choice for missing teeth and problem dentures. Please call today to schedule your free initial consultation. 713-644-4331.