How To Get Premium, Custom Made Dentures

Houston Dentures

A lot of individuals find themselves needing dentures at some stage in life. Often times this can be a sensitive situation when you feel embarrassed over the fact that you now require dentures.

You may want to get yourself a pair of dentures without delay and not consider the quality of the dentures. This is definitely the biggest factor you should consider when choosing a dentist, because the results are something you end up using and wearing every single day of your life for years to come.

A premium quality, properly fitted custom denture could really save you the embarrassment, time and money in the long run. But unfortunately, most people today still cling to a common notion that cheaper and faster is way better.

So why is the cheap, fast denture option not the way to go when looking to get a pair of dentures? Well, while it may just seem like a great way to reduce your cost and get yourself a serviceable product without delay, there is actually a reason however, why cheap dentures are cheap. Many cheap dentures come off as ill-fitting right from the very get go, or may lose their fit in just a few weeks of use. They cannot fully stand up to the wear and tear of daily usage, thus losing their color and shape.

Custom made dentures on the other hand are dramatically better than conventional dentures. They are specially designed to match your unique dentition and yours only. That means your teeth will be just the right size, shape and shade for your facial structure. Custom dentures support your lips. Custom dentures will remain tightly secure and comfy while you eat or speak. In addition, custom made dentures are less abrasive than conventional dentures and cause less cramping and fatigue.

Custom dentures are manufactured and custom-fitted especially for you, and our dentists will work hard to match the size, shade and model of your teeth, so the resulting dentures look natural and fit comfortably. Custom dentures also last longer, simply because they fit with the area of your mouth perfectly and aren’t rubbing or grinding. The materials used in the custom manufacturing process are also of higher quality. While it may take a little more time and cost more, having a set of custom dentures created specifically for your mouth is a worthy investment. Your resulting dentures will not only look better, they will feel much better, and will last longer than any cheap pair you could possibly find. The confidence you’ll gain from having an amazing smile once again will be priceless.

With all that said, your best bet when looking to get a set of quality dentures done would be to have a pair custom made for you by a skilled dentist that will measure your mouth and create the perfect dentures that will delight you for a very long time.

Jay Elliott, D.D.S. at New Teeth Dental Solutions in Houston, Texas has been custom fitting dentures for over 30 years. He can help you get the smile you want and deserve. Please call our office today for your free consultation. Remember, when it comes to dentures that you will be wearing for the next 3-5 years, a premium denture technique can make all the difference!