Discussing The Benefits Of Dental Implants Compared To Dentures

New Teeth Dental Solutions, a leading dental clinic in Houston, discusses the benefits of dental implants over dentures as a solution to missing teeth.

Everyday life for individuals with missing teeth can become quite a challenge, not only because it affects one’s ability to bite or chew food, but also because missing teeth tends to lower one’s self-esteem. But this need not be the case anymore because solutions to this concern are now readily available, such as dental implants by New Teeth Dental Solutions.

“Dental implants are changing the lives of many patients,” said Jay Elliott, D.D.S. of New Teeth Dental Solutions. “Very few things in dentistry today have impacted people’s day to day lives like implant-anchored teeth. When it comes to missing teeth, dentistry may very well be in a renaissance period. At no time in history have we as dentists been able to do more for our patients.”

A dental implant is a surgically implanted artificial tooth root, which then serves as an anchor for tooth replacement. Unlike dentures that tend to wobble or have a risk of falling down while eating – causing embarrassment in some cases – dental implants have been proven to be very stable. And since dental implants are placed right into the jawbone, they feel like real teeth.

By having dental implants, individuals who no longer have a complete set of teeth can regain their confidence and enjoy their everyday lives once more. Implants can also prevent problems with the mouth and jaw that may arise due to the gaps, and avoid systemic oral health problems. The dental specialists at New Teeth Dental Solutions can provide patients with personalized advice and recommendations about their missing teeth.