Dentures Offer A Precision Fit And Beautiful Appearance

Many people with dentures experience problems. The dentures may not feel right, the person may have trouble speaking, might not be able to eat certain foods, or foods that they can eat, might not taste the same.

The teeth of a denture will wear out much like the tread of a tire and function very much like a dull cutting knife after a few years of the denture wearer using them.

When investing in a denture, quality and proper fit must have first priority if you want to spare yourself the dissatisfaction that comes with an ill-fitting set. A long lasting denture and one that serves its user effectively is one that is made of high quality materials and fits properly.

If a denture does not fit properly, it can cause uneven wear to the teeth as well as your mouth, usually resulting in sores. A well-fitting denture can actually save you money because bad-fitting dentures can force wearers to visit the dentist more often, buy more denture adhesive cream or pain medication and sometimes replace a set completely.

It takes a great deal of care and experience to create fine quality dentures that will improve a person’s appearance and function.

Dentures made at New Teeth Dental Solutions in Houston, Texas, are designed and crafted to complement your personality, age, sex, and physical appearance. Special measures are taken to allow the duplication of natural characteristics.

A relatively new development called Digital Dentures is helping dentists duplicate the key details in natural teeth. If you notice natural teeth, there are small spaces between each tooth and they are not all the same length. Perfectly straight teeth and even teeth look unnatural and most conventional dentures are made straight across.

Conventional dentures are made alike, not how people’s teeth actually are. All people’s teeth don’t look exactly alike, so why should everyone have dentures that look alike?

In dentures, excellence goes unnoticed — the better the dentures the more natural and lifelike they appear. Your smile line is recreated with such precision, you won’t have to hold back a smile or a laugh. I’m proud to be one of the select few dentists in Houston and even Texas to offer these dentures to my patients.”

Premium Dentures also help correct problems with aging jaws, so you can chew without discomfort again. As people age, dentures can cause wearers to look older than they really are and can cause pain when chewing. We can replace worn out dentures with custom made, state-of-the-art Digital Dentures that will look as natural as possible – even down to the fillings. This results in dentures that enhance, rather than detract from a patient’s smile.

Premium Dentures are also designed to provide better chewing and biting than other dentures – ensuring stability, optimum chewing efficiency and comfort.

These state-of-the-art dentures are functional and gorgeous. If you have to wear dentures, don’t you want the very best you can buy?

If you’ve been told, “we have done all we can do” and your dentures are still unsatisfactory, then you should schedule a free, personal consultation with Dr. Elliott. Call New Teeth Dental Solutions today!