Dental Implants Now Available For Almost Anyone
By Dentist
October 11, 2016
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She heard that dental implants could help her eat without so much pain. One of her friends had successfully worn implants for five years without any problems. “The only thing you have to worry about is bone atrophy,” he told her. “If you don’t have enough bone in your lower jaw, you’re not a candidate for dental implant surgery.”

Over the last few years, many different uses for dental implants have been introduced. These have included single tooth replacement, a support system to help existing dentures stay in place as well as an alternative treatment for bridges and partial dentures. Even with of all these advancements in the science of dental implantology, millions of patients without much bone in their lower jaw were still excluded from these benefits. For this reason, Jay Elliott, D.D.S. has implemented a new dental implant procedure to help patients with significant loss of lower jawbone due to atrophy.

“Only a limited number of implantologists in the U.S. practice this new method of placing a subperiosteal implant,” says Dr. Elliott. “It involves the use a CT Scan to gather pre-surgery information about the lower jaw. With the CT Scan images, we create three-dimensional models that actually help us to eliminate one complete surgery from the dental implant process. Normally, dental implants require two surgeries. People with atrophy of the lower jaw benefit from this the most.”

This particular procedure is used for patients who have usually been told 100% of the time that they don’t have enough bone for the dental implants procedure. These patients can no longer wear dentures because the bone deterioration has exposed sensitive nerves in the gums and lower jaw. For them, eating can be tortuous. Very often this method is their only hope. This new method is fantastic,” says Dr. Elliott. “Something can finally be done for the patient with little bone to work with.”

Dr. Elliott is one of the select few dentists in the country who performs all phases of the implant procedure from evaluation to completion.

You owe it to yourself to find out more. Please call today for a free initial consultation for this dental implant procedure.