Dental Implants And Sedation Dentistry In Houston, TX

As a leading dental practice in Houston, New Teeth Dental Solutions proudly offers modern dental services such as dental implants and sedation dentistry.

With the many different and effective ways to remedy missing teeth, no one should be going through life with a missing tooth. New Teeth Dental Solutions in Houston has many solutions for this problem and offers dental implants and sedation dentistry.

“Dental implants can replace missing teeth and solve self esteem issues because of a missing tooth,” said Jay Elliott, D.D.S. of New Teeth Dental Solutions. “In addition to the cosmetic aspect, missing teeth can be a cause of systemic oral health problems, and addressing those issues can allow a patient to lead the full, active lives they deserve with a full, bright and, stunning smile.”

Sedation dentistry is a way of making patients calm and relaxed during dental procedures.

“Sedation dentistry has been very successful in treating the dental phobic and allows me to complete more dental work in one visit than would be possible under normal circumstances,” said Dr. Elliott. “I have worked with many dental phobic patients to help them overcome their fears and achieve great oral health.”

Dr. Elliott, and his team at New Teeth Dental Solutions, combines advanced education with extensive clinical experience. As a result, New Teeth Dental Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide all phases of implant dentistry – from placement of the implants to the final teeth.

By choosing from the wide array of services offered by New Teeth Dental Solutions, individuals who no longer have a complete set of teeth can regain their confidence and enjoy their everyday lives once more. Implants can also prevent problems with the mouth and jaw that may arise due to the gaps, and avoid systemic oral health problems. The dental professionals at New Teeth Dental Solutions can provide patients with personalized advice and recommendations about their missing teeth.