3D Technology For Dental Implants
By Dentist
October 11, 2016
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Today, with the advancement of CT scan technology, dental implant placement is much more exact. Using three-dimensional software with a patient’s CT scan allows a dentist to measure and plan all phases of dental implant placement.

This information significantly improves results, helps avoid costly bone grafts, reduces the time involved and reduces the amount of surgery required. Jay Elliott, D.D.S., uses this new technology in every implant procedure he performs.

One of the most significant reasons dental implants are still the preferred solution for missing teeth is because they do not cause damage to adjacent teeth. Other benefits include the preservation of jawbone and greater strength. Dental implants are beautiful and can be used in replacing a single tooth or anchoring an entire denture plate.

If you’re currently weighing your dental restoration options, please call Dr. Elliott’s office for your free consultation. It could give you greater confidence in social situations.