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By Dentist
October 11, 2016
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Today, with the advancement of CT scan technology, dental implant placement is much more exact. Using three-dimensional software with a patient’s CT scan allows a dentist to measure and plan all phases of dental implant placement.

This information significantly improves results, helps avoid costly bone grafts, reduces the time involved and reduces the amount of surgery required. Jay Elliott, D.D.S., uses this new technology in every implant procedure he performs.

One of the most significant reasons dental implants are still the preferred solution for missing teeth is because they do not cause damage to adjacent teeth. Other benefits include the preservation of jawbone and greater strength. Dental implants are beautiful and can be used in replacing a single tooth or anchoring an entire denture plate.

If you’re currently weighing your dental restoration options, please call Dr. Elliott’s office for your free consultation. It could give you greater confidence in social situations.

By Dentist
October 11, 2016
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Q. I’ve heard that dental implants are expensive. How much do they cost?

A. The cost of non-treatment can be considerably more expensive. Continual bone loss occurs from the wearing of full dentures (plates) and partials. This progressive loss of bone can eventually cause nerve exposure, jaw fracture and a complete inability to function with regular dentures. Correction at this point may be very expensive and can involve extensive bone grafts, which may require hospitalization and an extended recovery period. Placing implants before the bone loss becomes severe not only saves money in the long run, but also slows the bone loss process, increasing the likelihood of long-term success.

Q. How many implants do I need?

A. This depends in large part on what kind of final restoration of your mouth you want. Implant reconstruction can be with teeth that never come out or with teeth that securely attach to the implants but which can be removed to clean.

Q. Do I have to go to more than one doctor to complete my treatment?

A. Not in our office. Dr. Elliott will personally handle all aspects and phases of your treatment.

Don’t live another day with missing teeth! Call today to make a reservation for the next available free consultation.

By New Teeth Dental Solutions
October 11, 2016
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Many people have been told they can’t have dental implants because they don’t have enough bone. However, thanks to increasingly modern technology, there are a variety of ways we can now create an ideal environment for dental implants.

“Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. This results in an improved appearance and the ability to chew much better,” states Jay Elliott, D.D.S.

• Be able to smile and know people like your smile

• Kiss without worrying if your denture will come loose

• Speak with confidence

• Eat what you want without pain or embarrassment

• Eat without having to get up from the table and go to the bathroom to rinse your removable teeth

• Restore your self-esteem, independence and quality of life

New Teeth Dental Solutions use state-of-the-art techniques to treat their patients. Every aspect of your treatment, from diagnosis of a dental problem to its final restoration through surgical correction can be accomplished in their office.

Dental implants have become the treatment of choice for missing teeth and problem dentures. Please call today to schedule your free initial consultation. 713-644-4331.

“What’s the big deal? I only lost one tooth and it’s in the back of my mouth… you can’t even see the gap when I smile.”

What we see when someone smiles is not their teeth. We see the crown portion of a person’s tooth. When we say, “you have nice teeth,” what we should be saying is “you have nice crowns.” The crown makes up only 1/3 of a tooth, the other 2/3 is made up of the root which is equally if not more vital. A tooth root provides stabilization for the crown and stimulation of the jawbone. When all of the teeth are gone the jawbone starts to shrink because the roots are gone.

Tooth roots contribute to most of your biting force. A person who has all of their natural teeth can exert approximately 135 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure when they chew. Full denture wearers generally only exert 35 psi.

Having a dental implant placed will stop the bone deterioration that occurs when a tooth is removed. If you are missing one or more single teeth, the implant will give you a strong foundation for a crown to be placed on top. If you have uncomfortably loose fitting dentures due to deteriorating jawbones, dental implants can be placed to give you back the strength you need to eat your favorite foods.

Dental implants can help you eat healthier and may help you smile with confidence again. To understand what dental implants are and what they can do for you, please call today for a free consultation.

With the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry, you can feel confident again when you smile. A healthy smile announces a great first impression and relieves you of the worry that goes along with yellow and discolored teeth.

New innovations in dentistry now offer an alternative to silver-mercury fillings called “white fillings.” These composites come in shades that can be customized to match the color of a patient’s teeth. New advancements in crowns are all-ceramic restorations that allow a dentist to use metal-free crowns and achieve an optimum aesthetic look.

A veneer is an extremely thin shell-like covering that is bonded to the front teeth. A common reason for having veneers is to conceal discoloration due to coffee stains, stains from cigarette smoke, or irregular shapes. However, some individuals choose veneers to help fill in an unsightly gap or restore chipped or broken teeth. They are great alternatives if you want to change a tooth’s size and shape.

In addition, the ability of veneers to resist discoloration is remarkable. A tooth with a veneer will appear brighter and whiter. Many patients have reported a more aesthetic smile and an improvement to their self-image due to veneers.

Patients may find that after only one visit their smile has improved. A simple bleaching of the teeth may be all a patient really needs.

It’s a well-documented fact that crooked, uneven, discolored, gapped, or simply neglected teeth can lead to low self-esteem. Dr. Jay Elliott can help! We’re totally dedicated to using the latest advancements in dental technology and procedures to give you back your smile.

We work with you to develop a total plan for optimum dental care and maximum beauty. Our cosmetic consultation and complete dental exam will show you how to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Your smile says a lot about you. Let us design a custom treatment plan for you today. You’ll be amazed at how much more confident you’ll feel. Call today and schedule your free cosmetic consultation.